Radiance | $125

Radiance CROPPED.jpeg

Our namesake facial is customized to your specific skincare concerns.

Deeply cleanses the skin of impurities, gently resurfaces with fruit enzymes, and infuses the skin with ingredients that are deeply nourishing and hydrating.

Restores clarity and luminosity to all skin types.

Glow | $95


Our Elemental 1-hour Facial:

Customized to your specific skincare concerns.

This service deeply cleanses and refreshes all skin types.

Gallant | $95

Gentleman's Facial.jpeg

Our Gentleman’s Facial:

A detoxifying facial customized to a man's specific skincare concerns.

Features hot towel compresses and aromatherapy of sage and birch.

Ideal for deep cleansing and rebalancing the skin. Nourishing Beard Oil in your your choice of Spicy Citrus, Earthy, or Woodsy.

Glint | $75


Our Teen Facial:

Hands-on education accompanies this light clarifying facial, with gentle cleansing, a purifying mask, and coaching on home care basics.


Illume | $135


Resurfacing Facial:

A customizable resurfacing facial that utilizes either Enzyme, Dermaplane, or Microdermabrasion.  Your esthetician will help you select the exfoliating method which best suits your needs.  

All of our resurfacing components comes nestled in a full facial, complete with proper cleansing and a soothing mask.

Infusion | $155


Our Revitapen Facial:

This gentle service delivers powerful and immediate results: firmed skin and reduced inflammation and pigmentation.

 Features either a DNA-repairing serum or non-acid peel (the gentlest yet most effective form of Vitamin A). Product penetration is increased by an incredible 600% through the use of the revolutionary (painless/non-wounding) Revitapen! Ideal for aging, acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation.

Lustre | $195


The Resurfacing Facial + Revitapen:

Our most comprehensive service, combining our most popular services into one! We begin with all of the nurturing and restorative elements of the Limn Radiance Facial. Then we incorporate gentle exfoliation by enzyme, dermaplaning, or microdermabrasion. Finally, use of the non-wounding Revitapen allows for infusion of Vitamin A or hydration serums.


Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment | $175.00


This 2-hour treatment boasts a deeply restorative facial and full-body relaxation.

Your Certified Dr. Hauschka Esthetician will personalize the approach to this treatment based upon your skin’s specific needs as well as your desired results.

Perfect for true relaxation and visible transformation.

Exfoliating Back & Arm Treatment | $115.00

Backcial SMALL.jpeg

This treatment is like an exfoliating facial, but applied to your upper back, and upper arms. Includes either an Enzyme Peel or Microdermabrasion.